Critic Slams CNSC Regulations for lack of guidance

This is a link to my recent comments on the Fukushima Omnibus regulations.

Chris Rouse Second Round Fukushima Omnibus Regulation comments Rev 1

After I sent it to the consultation department of the CNSC I also forwarded it as well as additional comments to the CNSC commissioners in the email below.


Good Morning Mr. Leblanc
I would like the commissioners to be sent a copy of my comments for the second round of consultations of the Fukushima omnibus project, and a copy of this email as well. Essentially I point out that there is no guidance for REGDOC-2.4.2 Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) for Nuclear Power Plants. This is the only regdoc that does not have any guidance either included in the regdoc or in a separate regdoc. This is unacceptable especially for a regdoc that has been around since 2008. This poses a huge amount of regulatory uncertainty for the licencee’s. As well the current version of the document is very vague and unclear, and as it stands will continue to put the commissioners in precarious positions at public meetings and hearings. The CNSC staff has not taken the commissioners advice on showing the crosswalks to other regulatory documents in this current version. It is my recommendation that proper guidance be added to the regulatory document and then one more round of consultations before the commissioners are asked to approve it.
Chris Rouse

One thought on “Critic Slams CNSC Regulations for lack of guidance

  1. There will be always be Nuclear Energy Experts that disagree with everything that other Nuclear Energy Experts say that are on the opposite side of any debate!

    I also agree that the global nuclear industry has the money it needs to fund all the peer reviewed studies it wants, that end up saying whatever they want them to, or they simply will not publish them…

    We also know that a little over three years ago, all the Japanese nuclear Experts (along with many other nuclear Experts across the World) who said that “modern” nuclear power plants were safe and had so many safety features that they would not meltdown because they were so well designed, were proven terribly wrong by Fukushima’s triple meltdowns! Now, it will take decades if not about 100 years to deal with its on-going pollution of the Pacific Ocean, that is, if nothing BIG goes BAD before then.

    Also in all fairness, mankind will have to employ NEW types of equipment that have never ever been built, in order to deal with the new problems Fukushima has created. Also, until fully decommissioned, the Japanese will continue to contaminate massive amounts of sea water with radioactivity daily, that will all end up in the Pacific Ocean unless the UN sanctions the Japanese with penalties.

    BTW: These monitory fines should be used to finance Solar (of all flavors) R&D and it’s installation in developing Countries, if they will agree to not use nuclear. This will enable mankind to begin the transition to SAFE Solar while at the same time reducing the need for our Earth’s limited resources.

    I also be the first to point out that the Coal Industry has many health problems associated with it, which the Nuclear industry is all too eager to point out; but the SAME THING COULD BE SAID ABOUT THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY; since it also mines radioactive Uranium ore which is then processed into highly radioactive fuel rods of several different types. Once this radioactive fuel is used in a reactor, it then produces huge amounts of additional radioactive waste that will have as yet unknown effects on mankind over the enormous timespan that it will take to render all of it harmless! Because this radioactive timespan dwarfs anything currently affecting mankind, it is completely unscientific to say today, what the harmful effect of our using nuclear power plants in the twentieth and twenty-first century will be several generations from now!

    For example, should highly radioactive “dirty” material from Fukushima be used in a terrorist weapon at some point in the future, its affect on man must be placed directly upon the nuclear industry that created it, because without building the nuclear power plants it would have never existed to cause harm to man’s health. This is yet another potential “future” health problem that cannot be discounted since there is so much radioactive waste material unaccounted for at Fukushima and many other locations globally!

    It is no longer fair for the nuclear industries spokespersons, the IAEA and/or Regulators like theCNSC or the NRC to try to limit Nuclear Energy discussions to only the positive points that favor using nuclear while at the same time shrugging off all other negative points as not being relevant!

    Excerpts from :

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