Critic Slams CNSC Regulations for lack of guidance

This is a link to my recent comments on the Fukushima Omnibus regulations.

Chris Rouse Second Round Fukushima Omnibus Regulation comments Rev 1

After I sent it to the consultation department of the CNSC I also forwarded it as well as additional comments to the CNSC commissioners in the email below.


Good Morning Mr. Leblanc
I would like the commissioners to be sent a copy of my comments for the second round of consultations of the Fukushima omnibus project, and a copy of this email as well. Essentially I point out that there is no guidance for REGDOC-2.4.2 Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) for Nuclear Power Plants. This is the only regdoc that does not have any guidance either included in the regdoc or in a separate regdoc. This is unacceptable especially for a regdoc that has been around since 2008. This poses a huge amount of regulatory uncertainty for the licencee’s. As well the current version of the document is very vague and unclear, and as it stands will continue to put the commissioners in precarious positions at public meetings and hearings. The CNSC staff has not taken the commissioners advice on showing the crosswalks to other regulatory documents in this current version. It is my recommendation that proper guidance be added to the regulatory document and then one more round of consultations before the commissioners are asked to approve it.
Chris Rouse