Canadian Nuclear SAFETY Commission Regrets They Can’t Find The Definition of SAFETY

“I regret to inform you that, after a thorough search, no records were found concerning this request [for the legal definitions of safety, risk, nuclear safety and Health]”

ATIP Safety

This unsettling response is from the Canadian Nuclear SAFETY Commission in response to an Access to Information Program (ATIP) request. Click to see full response letter. 0269_001

This request was sent after Geoff Reagan, Liberal Natural Resources Critique, asked the President of the CNSC, Micheal Binder, for the definitions in which Dr. Binder failed to provide them. Mr. Reagan asked for these definitions after New Clear Free Solutions sent this brief to the Natural Resources Committee.

and follow up brief

New Clear Free Solutions Natural Resources Committee Follow up Brief on Bill C-22 June 6 2014

The CNSC response to the ATIP is very confusing, and mimics Dr. Binders response at the committee meeting. Although it states there were “no records found” the second sentence in the ATIP response states:

“The record that contains “the legal definitions , that apply to the Nuclear Safety and Control Act, for the following: 1. Safety 2. Nuclear Safety 3. Risk 4. Health” is in the Nuclear Safety and Control Act itself.”

So there is “no record”, but then they state there is a record. Is this doublespeak?

These definitions are in FACT not in the Nuclear Safety and Control Act (NSCA). The definitions contained in the NSCA are in section 2 the interpretation section and are listed alphabetically. As you can see from this picture they are NOT listed:

NSCA Interpretation


Many of the CNSC documents boldly state they will “Never Compromise Safety”. How can this be done if they don’t know the definition of safety, risk or Health?

Chris Rouse
New Clear Free Solutions

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