New Clear Free Solutions First Order Of Buisness

Below was the first buisness of New Clear Free Solutions. The event reports were posted within an hour of the emails being sent. NB Power informed us that it was next to imposible to have had them posted any sooner, so we contacted Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to ask when their reports where posted. OPG’s event reports have been posted since August 6.

Oct 7 2013




I would like to introduce our community group based out of Saint John , NB , called New Clear Free Solutions. My name is Chris Rouse and I am the founder of this group of concerned members of the public. The mission of our group is to provide scientifically objective financial and regulatory information to the public and official decision makers on the use of nuclear power.


As part of this mission, New Clear Free Solutions would like to inform you of a noncompliance of NB Power’s Public Information Protocol. This protocol requires NB Power to post a list of event reports quarterly on their website. October 1 2013 was the deadline for posting their second quarter list of event reports which has not been done.


NB Power has been habitually late posting these lists over the last two years.  On August 6 2013, I made a complaint to you on behalf of CCNB Action that NB Power was delinquent in posting its list of event reports. NB Power quickly responded and posted them on that same day. Since then I have been in contact with NB Power requesting that they be posted in a timely manner. NB Power has had 3 months to put together a simple list and post it on its website, yet they are still late even though they knew I would be looking for it on time.


I request that the CNSC enforce the new Monetary Administrative Penalties Regulations on NB Power for this noncompliance, so that this pattern of delinquency does not continue. Please notify me if the CNSC will be enforcing these new regulations.



Chris Rouse

New Clear Free Solutions

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