Event Report Missing?

After the complaint to the CNSC and NB Power about NB Power being late in  posting it’s event reports, I was given a copy of the event reports from NB Power. After I had reviewed the event reports I discovered that their was one missing and not posted on the NB Power Website. This is the email that was sent to NB Power and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission regarding the missing report.

Hi Kathleen
Thank you for a copy of the event reports yesterday. I have reviewed them and have a concern with the event report ERD-00583-1302-028-A-00 “Report Not Submitted by due date”. This was to report another event report of a Problem Identified by Research Finding(PIRF), S-99 section, that was not submitted on time. According to this event report the PIRF report was submitted four days late. I do not see any reference to any event reports for a PIRF. Can you please figure out what PIRF ERD-00583-1302-028-A-00 is referring to and update the event list posted on NB Powers website, and as well as send me a copy of the PIRF report.
I have also noticed that several of the event report used form # PL-0864 Rev 1 2013-05-24 for events that happened before the revision date of the form. Can you explain this?
Chris Rouse
New Clear Free Solutions

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